About Us

    The Process     

When looking at our dresses, the amount of work tends to get lost. With flattering silhouettes, clean lines, and discreet pockets, each piece you see is made with time and love.

The process begins with our founder and her team of expert dressmakers, who discuss everything, from design to finished product. They source the best fabric, then decide which fabric flows best for which design, as well as where the pockets will be placed. From there, the master craftsman sits and cuts the fabric based on the design, then it goes to another dressmaker who stitches it to perfection. After that, the dress is handed to someone else who adds the accessories and finishes. Overall, at least four people have touched each dress making the attention to detail impeccable.

Through our process and passion, Modreine creates unique, versatile dresses that are a pleasure to wear.

    Meet Our Founder   

Hi! I am Priya and Modreine is my brainchild.

What’s so special about Modreine dresses? Also, why did I decide to focus on dresses?

I have always loved clothes. And I love feminine clothes… flowy, silky, bold, and stylish dresses that make me both feel and look confident and sexy.

But as much as I like them, in today’s environment of multi tasking, I realized that sometimes they are not practical. The ubiquitous phone is always clutched in our hand for fear of missing an important call, the lipstick is always hiding in one corner of a large purse, and our clothes tend to have at best, tiny, non-functional pockets that hold next to nothing…most women know what I am talking about!

I wanted to make wearing a dress more comfortable and easy. A dress with large, effortless pockets was the straightforward answer. So that was my first reason to decide to design dresses…practicality. All our dresses have POCKETS!

I also love fabric, textile, prints, colors. They are my inspirations, my happy place, my spark for creativity. I am originally from India and I love the profusion of textiles and prints from there! Ikat, bandhini, batik, shibori…I love them all and incorporate them in my work. I especially love fashion that can be made available for the everyday wardrobe and the occasional night out for regular people like you and me. I was having a hard time finding comfortable outfits that fit well and were flattering to a range of body types, but were stylish enough to appeal to my sense of design, so I wanted to help change that. Our dresses are designed for comfort, they are fashion forward and savvy, and the fabrics range from office appropriate to evening fun.

I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I do!